Eligibility (Tier 1 general visa)

Tier 1 General visa is specifically designed so that non EEA nationals contributing to the economy of the UK are able to enter the country. It is different from the other immigration tiers in that is does not require a sponsor’s certificate but is primarily based on the scores achieved by the applicant in the Points Based System. The candidate is required to score at least 75 points to qualify for the visa. The Tier 1 General visa allows the holder to live and work in the UK for a period of 3 years, after 3 years they can also apply for an extension.

The Eligibility of the Tire 1 Visa

The eligibility of applicants is evaluated by using the Point Based System in which points are awarded on the categories listed below:

Age: Candidates are awarded points as per their age with no points awarded to those aged 40 or above.

Under 30 years = 20 points

30 to 34 years = 10 points

35 to 39 years = 5 points

Academic or professional qualifications:

PHD = 45 points
Master’s degree = 35 points
Bachelor’s degree = 30 points

Previous earnings: The applicant’s earnings in their home country play a major role while considering their eligibility. Non sterling currencies are converted to sterling but the regional difference of earnings will also be taken into consideration.
Work experience in the UK: Applicants are awarded another 5 points if they can show they have had relevant work experience in the UK.

General requirements

Applicants will be awarded 10 points for English language proficiency. They are eligible if they come from a country where English is the primary language, have passed the English language test equivalent to level C1 or completed a master’s degree taught in English.

A further 10 points is awarded in the maintenance category if the applicant is able to financially support themselves and any dependents. The Tier 1 General visa is granted for an initial period of three years which can be extended for a further two years.