Appeals and Judicial Review specialist Immigration Solicitors.

If your visa have been refused and you have been granted the right of appeal then you should avail the facility of it as once the appeal rights will be exhausted only then you can take the matter to the court of appeal via Judicial Review process, however, if you have not been granted the right of appeal and just the administrative review then after the administrative review rights have been exhausted then you can directly proceed with the Judicial Review proceedings against the Home Office or the entry clearance officer decision.

Type of Appeals:

  1. Paper appeal:

a) To lodge a paper appeal the Immigration Tribunal fee is £80.00 per appellant. This paper appeal will be determined on papers, one should prepare a bundle which includes: witness statement and all documentary evidence which is relevant to the matter, then the Learned Immigration Judge will determine the matter on papers and serve you the decision in writing.

2)  Oral Appeal:

To lodge an Oral appeal the Immigration Tribunal fees is £140.00 per appellant. If you have lodged an Oral Immigration Appeal then the appellant s (i.e. you if you are in the UK), your sponsor and any other person you think must attend the Tribunal to give evidence then that person should attend the court/tribunal to give oral evidence.

In oral immigration appeals: The paginated index to bundle includes all the above as described in the paper appeal. Such as witness statements, documentary evidence and personal appearance in the Court/Tribunal.

Our specialist Immigration Solicitors have in-depth knowledge about the frequent changes in Immigration Rules/Law.

The major role and duty of our expert immigration solicitors involve the following:

  1. a) Taking instructions
  1. b) Gathering facts (reasons for refusal)
  1. c) Drafting grounds of Appeal 
  1. d) Paginated index to bundle
  1. e) Drafting witness statement as per your instructions
  1. f) Representing you in the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal

Immigration decision which are Appealable and Non-Appealable decision can be challenged by way of JR

1) Spouse Visa Appeals

2) Fiance Visa refusal Appeals

3) UK visa refusal Appeals

4) Tier 1 general visa refusal appeals (Immigration Appeal)

5) Human Rights Appeal

6) Tier 2 visa refused-(Tier 2 visa-Immigration Appeal)

7) Indefinite Leave to Remain refused- ILR (Immigration Appeal)

8) Tier 4 student visa refused- Tier 4 (“Immigration Appeal”)

9) EEA 2 visa refusal Appeal (Immigration Appeal)

10) UK Ancestry Visa refusal Appeals

In addition to the above we represent clients who are in the detention centers

  1. a) Bail to the Chief Immigration Officer
  2. b) Bail to the Immigration Judge-at Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.

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