If you have applied for a sole representative visa (administrative review sole representative visa refusal)to Enter the United Kingdom and it has been refused by the Entry Clearance Officer then do not worry and contact our expert team of Immigration Solicitors serving you since 2008.

You can initially apply for administrative review sole representative visa refusal, and the Entry Clearance Officer or Entry Clearance Manager will only reconsider it if any administrative error will be committed by you, only then the decision will be overturned otherwise it will be maintained.

Administrative review can be applied online and there is a nominal fee of £80.00 to apply for administrative review.

However, you can then challenge it by way of Judicial Review.

Contact our team of expert Immigration Solicitors in London.

Why Choose Asher & Tomar Solicitors:

Our team of expert Immigration Solicitors is based in London. We can advise and represent your complex immigration matter at every stage from the home office, immigration tribunals, upper tribunal field house, Court of Appeal, and Supreme Court.

Our expert Immigration Solicitors will endeavor to deliver the best outcome of your complex immigration matter and have dealt with numerous refusals.