UK marriage visa or (UK Spouse visa specialist Amritsar) is the same, however UK fiance visa is different.

Your spouse is entitled to enter the UK if you are present and settled in the UK, such as you must hold Indefinite leave to remain or be a British Citizen.

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Requirements to Apply for a UK Spouse Visa:

  1. i) The parties in the marriage must have completed 18 years of age.
  1. ii) Parties must be legally married and intend to live together in the United Kingdom as a married couple.

iii) There must be a suitable accommodation for you to live in the UK as specified under the rules.

  1. iv) You should not intend to reply on public funds
  1. v) Your partner should be earning a gross salary of £18600.00 and he/she should meet the income threshold. In case of any dependent child this limit is

     £22400.00 and for any additional child £2400.00/child.

  1. vi) The applicant must satisfy the English language requirement.

However, their are exceptions to meet the income threshold which are:

  1. a) Carer’s allowance
  1. b) Disability living allowance
  1. c) Attendance allowance
  1. d) Personal independent payment
  1. e) Severe disability allowance
  1. f) Industrial injuries disablement allowance