Asher and Tomar Solicitors are at the forefront of the UK Immigration Service hence we are regularly instructed by clients who wish to challenge the decisions of the immigration authorities.

We act for clients before every higher-level court, including:

  • The Special Immigration Appeal Commission (SIAC)
  • The Court of Appeal
  • The Supreme Court
  • The European Court of Human Rights
  • The Court of Justice of the European Union

Immigration Judicial Review Proceedings

Our work also encompasses JR proceedings in immigration cases where the Secretary of State has taken an unlawful decision or action and there is no alternative remedy.

We can apply for a JR to seek:

Ø   a mandatory order (i.e. an order requiring the Secretary of State to do something such as process a pending/outstanding application).

Ø  a prohibiting order or a quashing order (i.e. an order quashing the Secretary of State’s decision such as in deportation cases)

We can make an application for Judicial Review not only to challenge decisions or to delay removal but also to prompt the Home Office to produce an initial decision in the first place because all other avenues (such as letters and complaints to MPs) have failed. A judicial review is a vital tool not just for challenging unlawful decisions but also for inertia.

Given the well-documented delays at the Home Office claimants may resort to judicial review in order to get a decision out of the Home Office. In such circumstances, judicial review is not a means of blocking an administrative decision, but of getting one in the first place.


We handle all Judicial Review cases on a private fee-paying basis. Please refer to our fee page for details of our fees.

Our firm is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and our Office is based in London.