Obtain a 20 year long residence Visa with Asher & Tomar

To find out whether you can apply under 20 Years Long Residence then feel free to contact our expert team of Immigration Solicitors in London

If you have lived in the United Kingdom for 20 years and you can able to provide evidence then you are eligible to apply under this category.

Under 20 years long residence, the caseworker needs to gather the fact that you have lived in the UK for 20 years. It can be combined legally plus illegally, for example:

If you have lived 5 years on a student visa and thereafter you have lived here 15 years without any valid leave to remain then still you are eligible to apply under this category.

If you have already applied and the UKVI/Home Office has refused your visa application, then do not worry as our team of Immigration Solicitors had dealt with lots of refusals. The UKVI/Home Office would have provided you with the right of appeal if not then you can certainly challenge it by the way of Judicial Review Proceedings.

However, the UKVI/Home Office would have granted you the right of appeal as you have established a private and family life in the United Kingdom and have adapted to the British Culture, the UKVI/Home Office should consider your length of time spent in the United Kingdom and further Article 8 Human rights.

Why Choose Asher & Tomar Solicitors to Obtain a 20 year long residence Visa:

Our team of expert Immigration Solicitors based in London can advise and represent your complex immigration matter at every stage from the home office, immigration tribunals, upper tribunal field house, Court of Appeal, and Supreme Court.

Our expert Immigration Solicitors will endeavour to deliver the best outcome of your complex immigration matter and have dealt with numerous refusals within the United Kingdom.